Day 1: Be a Dedicated Runner


(Note: This blog was written in my prayer journal before I got the blog, so that is why the count of days may be wrong. Thanks!)

And so begins my devotional blog, or prayer blog, or just my “desperate need to reach out, feel God, and share with others” blog. I was listening to Dara McLean’s song “So Good to Me” and the lyrics “His eye is on the sparrow, He’s even living in the little things” made me feel a crazy urge of try this. Is it You God urging me toward this? I hope so. All I know is I feel so isolated from You while I am away at college and I hate it. I need to work harder at my connection to You. I waste so much time everyday and I never try to swim out of this current that is drowning me. Wow, Pandora radio is really on track today, every song has correlated to the sentences I wrote (Francesca Battistelli”s “Constant,” Remedy Drive’s “Heartbeat,” and now Kerrie Roberts’ “No Matter What”). Okay, I hear you God. Thanks. No matter what, I’m gonna love you and trust you.

I really want to read a passage of the Bible and at least write one sentence about it every day. So God, here is my hope that this happens. “Still the fire burns, lighting up the room. I know You’re here with me, You wrap me in Your arms, like only You can do. I know You’re all I need. With You, I’ll always be home…” (Dara McLean, “Home”)

Today I took this from the Apostolic Lady’s Devotional on Facebook, which has a short story about how Christian life is a race, and a successful runner is a dedicated runner. So true.

Hebrews 12:1  “Let us lay aside very weight, and the sin which doth easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.”

I don’t want to be a fake Christian, I want to live for you. God give me strength.

❤ Passionate Pentecostal


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  1. i like everything you have posted! God is awesome i lov to serve my lord til the end & learn more & more of Him~…we serve a mighty God & theres none compare ….i lov to praise his name! i hope u finish ur studies may our Lord bless you more & more i hope we could keep in contact ….keep learning of our Lord Jesus!!

  2. So i noticed that this post was from June 2012 and funny thing is I started going to church in September 2012. So now it’s been 2 years that i have been in church and I’m glad I’m in church. It really has changed my life for the better. Revival for my church is starting soon and lately these days I’ve been feeling really down about my hair. I swam all my life so my hair was always dry and brittle, not to mention i had very little thin hair. I would normally keep it cut short so it wouldn’t be noticeable but since i started going to church, got the holy ghost and baptized in Jesus name i stopped. however i never really understood why we don’t cut our hair. I just did what the Lord asked of me. So these past couple of weeks i would feel discourage about my hair because the hair dos i want to do wouldn’t come out because my hair was to thin or that i didn’t have enough of it. I would sometimes cry myself to sleep because i didn’t like my hair. Already frustrated and depressed about my hair, i started looking up blogs on apostolic women and came across yours. Your blog opened my eyes and helped me to understand why we as apostolic women do certain things like not cut our hair and dress modest. It made me realize that even tho my hair may not be as long as the other girls or as thick and full add theirs, God appreciated my uncut hair. This particular blog that you wrote really touched me because in your blog you asked God if this was what he wanted you to do. I’m glad that you listened to that urge because it kept me from cutting my hair and it gave me hope. It also have me new light on the life we live as apostolics. Thank you so much Passionate Pentecostal, you have been a great blessing to me. God bless you.

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