Day 10: Apostolic Beliefs: Our Crowning Glory!


Yep. This post is about something vital to Pentecostal girls across the world. Hair. 😉

As you most likely know because it is so obvious when you spot us in crowds, we have long hair. This is because we believe that we should not cut our hair.

But in reality and all seriousness, this is actually a really important part of our religious convictions. Now, some of the previous posts in this series (about Oneness and the way to salvation) are strictly set for the majority of Apostolics, but some of these posts (about hair and holiness standards) really differ with the beliefs of each church’s pastor and that person’s personal convictions. Now there is slight variation in this, my church has a very strict no cutting at all policy, but a Pentecostal church across my town allows the women to trim their hair as long as it is small amounts and the hair remains long. (Personally, for biblical reasons I, and my church, do not agree with trimming because that is technically “cutting” your hair.)  So I want to stress right now, what I am about to say may not be the exact same guidelines that your female Apostolic friend down the street follows. We may even be in the same church organization and differ slightly in the opinions on hair.

Now, jumping right on in! Basically for each of these “Apostolic Beliefs” series I am doing, the subject is much more indepth and complicated than I specifically say. I am just trying to bring up the main points of why we do these things but I know for the previous posts I skimmed over parts and really could have gone on and on about some things. So just note that each post in this series could be an entire book! Actually, that is a great segue into something I wanted to mention…

A couple of months ago I downloaded to my Kindle Fire Lori Wagner’s book “Covered By Love” (published by the UPCI in 2011) which goes deeply into why we do not cut our hair than I will be able to and I greatly recommend it!! It BLEW MY MIND! I loved it and felt so much more knowledgeable about the biblical relevance to not cutting your hair after reading it. Seriously, it is a must read for Pentecostal girls everywhere or even if you want to gain an understanding of this!


Now I will jump right on in to our reasons for not cutting our hair:

1. God made man and woman with specific differences and hair is one of those features. Rev 9:8 – “And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.” This shows that women have a certain type of hair and that it is different from men’s.

2. 1 Cor 11, the majority of the chapter is like a holy grail about hair!  So much is mentioned in this so I will go into some of it…

~We should be covered in order to have power and because of the angels (verse 10). Note, hair does not have power in itself, but it is a visible symbol of our power we have through God.

~Verse 15 says that hair is a covering! By wearing long, uncut hair we are submitting to God. As “Covered By Love” says so well “a woman’s outer covering reveals an inner acceptance of God’s plan. By her conduct, of her own free will, she gains power on her head.” God covers the things that He loves and are valuable to Him. (I should mention that while the verse does say “long hair” this means uncut hair, and is not referencing any type of set length. Hair is long if it is allowed to grow without cutting. So you could have 10 inches of uncut hair and it would be “longer” than 30 inches of cut hair. The length of the hair is not a judge for how “holy” that woman is.)

~Verse 5-6 say “but every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered.” This means that if we cut our hair it is a dishonor to pray or prophesy uncovered, and since 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says to “pray without ceasing” then we must have a never-ending covering on our heads aka our hair! Another thing I’ve learned is that the “shame” mentioned in verse 6 comes from the Greek word for “filthy” or “disfigurement” (much like if we cut off an arm we are disfigured, so too if we cut off our hair!)

~In verse 10 Peter says “for this cause ought the woman to have power on her head,” notice the use of “ought” and not “must.” The Greek for “ought” means “owe,” be in debt for,” or “that which is due.” So we women can CHOOSE to give God what He is owed or due.

3. We use hair to express what we are so to say. Rockers, goths, preps, hippies, they all have signature hairstyles to show what they believe in. So in a way, our hair is helping us to stand out and show people that we believe in and worship God. Our hair separates us from the world and sets us apart for God.

4. Biblical examples of women cutting or losing their hair are not not happy ones. In biblical times women never cut their hair, it was their greatest ornament, and if cut it was the greatest humiliation to the woman. Isaiah 3:24 is about how the daughters of Zion were “haughty” and “wanton” so He turned their “well set hair to baldness.”    Jer 7:29- “Cut off thine hair, O Jerusalem, and cast it away, and take up a lamentation on high places; for the Lord hath rejected and forsaken the generation of his wrath.”   Ezekiel 7:18 – “They shall also gird themselves with sackcloth, and horror shall cover them; and shame shall be upon all faces, and baldness upon all their heads.”  I do not want to be like those women!


I get silly comments from people frequently so here is some biology for you (because I AM a bio major, haha) = cutting your hair does not make it grow faster, cutting does not affect the health of the hair at all because hair grows inside the skin!  Before hair even reaches the outside of the body it is dead, densely packed keratin. Cutting your hair does not make it longer for two reasons. First, it is obviously removing length from the hair, and second, hair has a programmed “terminal length” that it will not grow past no matter how often you trim it. Bam, biology! 

By choosing to not cut our hair we are submitting to and obeying  God and gaining glory, power, and a connection with angels. Wow. By letting our hair grow to its natural length we wear a covering that God made specifically for us, and I don’t want to alter what God made. We do not chose not to cut our hair in order to follow God, rather we follow God so we chose not to cut our hair. Think about that for a second…

I hope this helped you to better understand the Apostolic women’s choice to not cut their hair and I hope this blessed you in some way! Please feel free to comment! 🙂

❤ Passionate Pentecostal


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  1. Thank you for writing this! It has helped me with this choice. I have been saved for about 6 years, I was Pentecostal (Trinitarian) however in the last month myself my husband & children have been led to another state and have been shown that Oneness is the Truth, not by convincing of mans word, but from the Lord through prayer & fasting. We now attend a Pentecostal Apostolic Church & have been told by our Pastor he feels we are part of a prophecy fulfilling. I have in the past trimmed my hair however I have long hair & was uneducated on this view. Thank you again you have opened my eyes to a new point of view! Be blessed!

    • Aw I am so glad that I was able to help you in your journey and that you have been moved by God to live this amazingly blessed life! I will be praying for you and your family, and I am so happy I could inform you a little more. This touched my heart!

      • Question… 1) what do you do if someone in your family gets head lice? With all of that hair it has to be a real struggle to get rid of. I’ve come back to this religion recently and i have shoulderlength hair. I somehow got headlice and i cant use the medicated shampoo (ragweed allergy/asthmatic). This is horrible!!!!

        2) my daughter is biracial (irish/ african-american) and her hair dries out and breaks a lot so her hair is short eventhough i’ve never cut it. How do i take care of it??

      • What are modest apparrel for boys?! Aside from the boys not wraring shorts??

      • Leslie, in our home we refrain from sleeveless tops or tank tops, sheer tops, anything that is too snug or tight. We encourage proper use of buttons on a shirt, undershirts, socks and shoes, belts, and discourage anything worn purposely to bring the attraction of the opposite gender.

    • Dear Jessica, I am so glad to read your testimony of being led by the LORD from trinitarianism to the Oneness of God. It is rare to hear trinitarians testify of such. Thank you for sharing!!! Deuteronomy 6:4

    • Jessica you should read your scripture, better and pray more, because the trinity is the obvious truth. Matthew 28:19 states “baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” Jesus said that. So is Jesus giving false testimony? Jesus also prays to his father in heaven…..

      • You are correct the great commission States to baptize in the name of the Father, and of the son and of the Holy Ghost, in this same commission, they were commanded to tarry in Jerusalem tilll they be endued with power, so in the book of acts as they were obeying, Peter stood up, preached and said, Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus….there were again 3-4 more examples of baptism, every time was in the Name Of Jesus…read it for yourself…and when it says the name(singular), not the Names…I think where Trinitarian s get confused is this…they see the physical body of Jesus…the physical body was the perfect lamb…the randsom for our sin, But from before the foundations of the world God is a spirit, omnipresent, everywhere, That Spirit’s name was Jesus all along but he conceived it as He did his spirit behind the veil in the Old Testament temple. Jesus means…Jehovah has become our salvation..literally meaning God has become our Salvation…to wit God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself

      • Dear Gabriel,

        Im Pentecostal and clearly understand if you read a little closer Matthew 28:19 says… “baptize in the NAME of the Father,Son,and Holy Spirit…”And that name is Jesus.

        Isaiah 44:6
        1 Timothy 2:5
        Isaiah 43:11
        1 Corinthians 8:6
        James 2:19
        Deuteronomy 6:4
        Isaiah 43:10
        John 10:30
        Revelation 1:8
        Isaiah 42:8
        Jude 1:25
        Mark 12:29

        These would hopefully help you more;)
        If you would like answers to questions just feel free to ask:)

      • EXACTLY: she did study the scripture. and the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is… Jesus. He said to do all things in the name of Jesus.

        we’re at the name of Jesus everything and shuffli we’re at the name of Jesus everything and shall flee!

        I am a mother a sister and a daughter. My name is Tanua!

        The word of God says they baptized in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit or ghost. His name is Jesus. I can’t sign a check mother, sister, nor daughter, but I can sign Tanua.
        it only makes sense, especially in the English language to use the name of the father, the name of the son, the name of the Holy Ghost, Jesus

        There is no Trinity. The Bible says: … and all these three are ONE!

        The Bible also says: Study to show thyself approved!

      • Father=Jesus
        Holy Ghost=Jesus
        Surprise!!! There is only one that sits on the right hand of power!! Hear’o isreal, the Lord our God is one!!

      • name is singular. Meaning one 🙂

        God is what He is.
        Jesus is who He is.

        Man is what you are.
        Gabriel is who you are.

        Acts 2:38 ….all baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for remission of sins.

        Remission means REMOVAL.

        3000 souls were added unto the kingdom daily after they were all baptized in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit name: JESUS 🙂

        You are correct: Our God while robed in the flesh is praying to the Father in the garden.
        Being an example of what His Body is suppose to do!

        When I pray, I know that I am apart of the body of Christ, and I know my heavenly Father’s name is Jesus!

        In Hebrew His name is Yahushua.
        In aramaic His name is Yeshua.

        There is only ONE GOD…when YOU…repent and are baptized in Jesus Name, He will then fill You with the Holy Ghost, and a very powerful heavenly language the Bible calls tongues will come out of your mouth like living water!

        It so easy to walk with God and obey Him when your LOVE for HIM is genuine!


        This is in reply to Gabriel comment
        on February 22, 2016. @ 7:41am.

      • No Jesus never lies Matthew 28:19 says in the name not titles father, son and Holy Ghost are titles Matthew 5:43 says Jesus is the name of the father Matthew 1:21 says Jesus is the name of the son and John 14:26 says Jesus is the name of the Holy Ghost so Matthew 28:19 is saying we need to be baptized in the name of Jesus which is exactly what the early church did Acts 2:38

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write these blogs. I am a born and bred Roman Catholic who married a man brought up in a Pentecostal church. We have a beautiful little girl and are desperately trying to find our right fit in a church. We have been to both churches and have decided on the Pentecostal church to raise our daughter in, but no one would explain why things were done the way they were. Now I can go to church a little more educated.

    • Glad I could be of help! I really suggest you talk to your Pastor and have him help explain his beliefs and what he preaches. Also, do research on your own and search God’s word. God will lead you to what you need! God bless you and your family! ❤

    • Have you approached the Pastor or Ministry’s Leaders to be connected get some guidance? Also get with a Bible Study Group with knowlegde bible livibg people. This may give you a great sounding board to your questions.

  3. I, too, am apostolic pentecostal.i was also taught that the woman never cuts her hair so she may wash her husbands feet with it.i dont see this anywhere.i was raised the old apostolic pentecostal ways.pls help.

    • I believe the teaching you received is based on Mary’s anointing of Jesus’ feet with oil and then using her hair to wipe them; however, there is no command for anyone to do this.

      • I have been Pentecostal for 54 years. I HAVE NEVER WASHED MY HUSBANDS feet with my hair. False doctrine. Line it up with scripture and I will. Relieve it.

    • So since you are a student of these languages, what do you mean by we have a rude awakening??? Enlighten what your statement really means please! What is your interpretation of these scriptures?

      • I explained what to keep your head covered with. JESUS, not hair. Why? Because of the Nephilim, the “Fallen Angels”. The same that left their place and came into women and the result was “Hybrid” “The Giants”. Just as the one David slew.

  4. I have only recently been brought into the church, so I’m trying to soak up as much as I can. Hair is something I really want to learn more about and your write up was great! I do however have a question. What about us who have cut our hair our whole lives? I understand it is forgiven in my past and since I became pentecostal I haven’t cut my hair, but it seems to me that the glory and power is in “uncut” hair. So, what is your take or feelings on women who have been saved but have cut their hair in the past? Will it be as effective (for lack of better words)?

    Thank you for your article. I also want you to know ill be buying the book you recommended, so thank you! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you are eager to learn and soak everything in! That’s great! I hope that book helped you understand more. To answer your question, in my opinion, as soon as you become saved and “born again” in water baptism your hair is considered uncut in the eyes of God. I did not grow up Pentecostal, I cut my hair up until I got in church when I was about 19, but that doesn’t matter to God. All of my mess, the sins I had committed, were washed away and and I was made new, and so was the power of my hair. Its what you do with your hair after you are saved that matters to Him. A lady’s hair length should not be a status symbol of how “holy” she is, but rather any hair length as long as it is UNCUT is a sign of submission to God and glorifies Him. I hope that helps! God bless you! ❤

    • I am up at Pentcostal preachers wife. When you were baptized in Jesus name and received the Holy Ghost all your past sins were washed away and behold you became new. God has forgiven and forgotten, he has blotted out all your sins, so you start out new. God has forgiven you!

  5. I thought when I was cutting my hair like paul actually he shaved his and so did I in the 90s I was taking the nazarite vow. Little did I know how wrong I was!! I have let it grow long now but I was judged for being disobedient . IS THERE ANY PLACE IN GODS WORD THAT I AM FORGIVEN FOR THIS MISTAKE?

    • I’m glad you came to realization of uncut hair! As long as you sincerely and deeply ask for God’s forgiveness for your sins, and make a vow to never commit them again, God will forgive you. He loves you and He can put your sins from you as far as the east is from the west! If you have repented and not turned back to that sin, then Jesus has already forgiven you. God bless you! ❤

      • God does not care about how we look or what we do with our hair. Guard your hearts and believe in Jesus, meditate on his word night and day. My wife cuts her hair and my daughter’s also, does this mean they are evil. Definitely not. Beware that you do not get wrapped in vanity.

  6. If this isn’t legalism I don’t know what is. I remember my days in UPC where I would watch women use a comb to rat their hair until it broke in order to help “style” it. Apparently, THAT’S ok. (eyeroll) I worship God in spirit and in truth–not through legalistic, outward beliefs that are rooted in early, gnostic Sabellian doctrines that do not align with the whole counsel of God’s Word. Perhaps women that are controlled by the UPC should begin doing their own Greek word studies and reference other christian-based materials (instead of only reading UPC-approved books) like: or . The things you believe bring up more questions than answers and have caused many women much grief and suffering. I know it’s what caused me to leave UPC–in addition to Oneness and baptism in Jesus name only et al.–but by God’s grace, He led me to a church that studies His Word with reasoning and wisdom, taking the whole counsel of God into consideration, and where scripture is exegeted–not eisegeted.
    Question: Does this mean that women in certain African tribes aren’t as “blessed” with “power” because genetically, they CAN’T grow their hair long? Think about what and why you believe something. If it’s truth it will stand. If not, think about finding another church rightly divides the word of truth. (There’s going to be more than just UPC believers in heaven….shocking, I know.)

    • Thanks for expressing your opinion! I think you misunderstood part of my post. I never said that LONG hair was what God wants. I said that UNCUT hair was what He would like of us. I believe that a saved lady can have 1 single inch of uncut hair, and in God’s eyes it is more beautiful than someone with 200 feet of cut hair. I hope that your study brings you to the truth of God’s word. God bless! ❤

      • So basically, you can cut your hair and what grows back is uncut. Completely contradictory. This “religion” is not unlike Islam and Sharia. Your soul is not your hair. Your hair is dead, as you explained. God is not going to instruct a person to keep something that is dead and no longer a part of our living being. If anything, a woman with long hair is considered sexually appealing to others and also contradicts the “rules” of certain clothing that are supposed to be modest. Hair is not a woman’s glory, it is her heart. You do not get strength through hair, as it is dead.

      • “Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him? But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering.”
        ‭‭I Corinthians‬ ‭11:14-15‬ ‭NKJV‬

        So, if long hair means uncut. Should I re-write the verse that pertains to a man. It would say:

        “Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair=uncut hair, it is a dishonor to him?…

        My question is, up to what extent does a man need to cut his hair so that it will not dishonor to him?

        A.) it does not matter, a man can have a long hair up to the hip, as long as he cut even if a little bit, it satisfy the verse that a man should cut his hair?
        B.) Cut the hair short?
        C.) Or. Cut all the hair?

        Please prove the answer with a verse: hoping for your answer.

    • Amen. The truth will set you free. 30+ year student of the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. Some have a rude awakening coming soon. Study to show thyself approved. A good “concordance” goes a long way to understanding God’s Word with true understanding along with the guidance of the “Holy Spirit”. Not the “Familiar Spirits” which love to inhabit warm bodies and will deceive many in the end. Never follow just man’s understanding. And not many even speak of the Nephilim in any “Church” building. Sad, Sad. Amen

      • So since you are a student of these languages, what do you mean by we have a rude awakening??? Enlighten what your statement really means please! What is your interpretation of these scriptures?

      • Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then I will profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Matthew 7:22&23 This is the “rude awakening” I spoke of. Now think! If these people think they have cast out devils and prophesied they must be “Church” going people, Right?

      • What I mean by “Rude Awakening” is because of what is being taught in most “Churches” of today. A lot of people “Yes even good “Church” going people will be fooled because of false doctrine. And they are fooled by what? The same thing Satan, Lucifer tried to fool Jesus with, THE WORD.

  7. Yes all that is true about cutting does not make it grow faster, or grow in healthier. What you didn’t mention is that trimming your hair takes the “dead” ends off (yes I know all hair is dead) and keeps the split from going further up the hair shaft and preventing further damage. Since trying to abide by the standards of our church and not cutting my kids hair it now looks like total poo with the ends going every which way(curly hair) and big and poofy. I do everything imaginable to keep it healthy….no heat tools at ALL, no teasing, hardly ever any hairspray, no products w alcohol which dries the hair out, deep conditioners you name it. Nothing keeps it healthy except trimming so tell me what in supposed to do:(

  8. I love what you said about not altering the covering God created for us. I needed to hear these words today. I have been feeling discouraged about the hair issue and this really helped! Thank you!

  9. I am Pentecostal my husband is Baptist so do I force my kids to be Pentecostal or is it okay for them to be a Baptist but I do think the only reason why they want to be Baptist Is for they can cut their hair and wear pants

    • The most important thing is does the church preach Acts 2:38!! The rest comes as an offering or submission to the Lord. Outward acts alone are powerless. It’s His Spirit dwelling in you that is most important! Receive the Holy Ghost, be baptized in Jesus name and you will begin to understand why Christian perform these outward holiness standards!! It will be your reasonable service for all the good he does for you!!👍👍😎😎

  10. I have a question please. I’m not Apostolic Pentecostal yet. But I’ve been looking into it, especially the hair. It makes a lot of sense biblically but I am growing out a very short hairdo and would be okay not cutting it if not for the layers. One day I want it all even. I could do without cutting til then. I’m a bit conflicted on this.

    Also do you all wear headcoverings ever? Because Paul uses two Greek words for covering not one. So that says to me that we should cover our heads with a scarf when we pray because the hair is a separate covering.

    • I wear a cover by personal choice, conviction and pleasing my husband. It is rare (I am the only one in our church). Growing out hair is an exercise in patience, isn’t it? I once grew out bangs, and I recommend using French braiding techniques on the layered parts that won’t lay flat or stay out of your eyes.

  11. I appreciate your passion for God and apostolic doctrine. That is wonderful. However, nowhere in Corinthians does the discussion on hair describe the act of trimming hair. I do not cut my hair, but the words shorn and shaven both mean cut close to the skin, or scalp in a human. They are Greek words and never was the word cut used or implied in the use of those two words. If you trimmed a sheep’s hair 1/2 inch, it wouldn’t even be close to shorn or shaven. I love our message but let’s not change the word to suit our beliefs.

    • It seems to me that trimming or not trimming is irrelevant. I believe the purpose of how we present ourselves needs to come from a place of internal obedience to God. That will be different for everyone. It is my belief none of us can decide this for another. It is between them and God.

  12. I will be doing some demonstrations on hair tomorrow at a ladies social I am attending and was looking for things to talk about. I appreciate this post and it is a great reminder for me. Thanks for posting!!

  13. I respect this, however it does help MY hair grow faster. my hair never grew until I started trimming it 🙂 the reason being when you have split ends, it rips the hair. so while the roots ARE growing, the ends are basically snapping off themselves every time you brush. I didn’t believe it either until I trimmed mine regularly. now it is much longer !

    • if you take very good care of the ends, you may find you no longer need to trim for growth; but, everyone’s hair is different.

  14. I agree with what you say whole heartedly. About dress, hair, etc. My issue is that I have been raised Apostolic all of my life and do not know any different. I backslid for a while and when I came back I brought my husband with me who was raised Baptist. I come from an “old school” apostolic family and am very proud of that. I believe that things should be a certain way and that standards should be preached from the pulpit I mean are we “tickling ears” to keep our numbers up or what. There are people in our congregation who do not think that pants are a heaven or hell issue why because it hasn’t been taught, there are people who have piercings, wear jewelry, die their hair, wear make up. I find all of this to be very disheartening to me and my parents. And you are right we are supposed to come out from among them and be ye separate that is what makes us different our beliefs and our standards and if we don’t have them we are the same as any of the other denominations. I have been through a lot of hurt and feel like I am one of the few that is doing what we are supposed to be doing. I have often wanted to approach my pastor and speak to him about how I am feeling on these issues but in other ways I feel like I am not in a position or maybe not right to do so. I am embarrassed for my husband to see different things that go on bringing him into this truth and for our kids to see certain things. I don’t want them to grow up thinking that this stuff is right.

  15. Not really answering my question about taking care of it on a day to day bases in the way of curls, frizz, tender headedness, and tangles. I lived with thick curly hair all my life and tender headedness my whole life and no oneness has ever answered my question in reguards to headaches. By the way I am a trinitiairin with a UPC sister.

    • I cannot speak for everyone, but I know it’s been difficult for me too to deal with tender scalp. I have heavy hair that I’m trying to grow out (it’s currently about inbetween the middle of my back and my waist). I’ve been trying to “train” my scalp by wearing my hair up as many times a week as possible, and then taking it down when it gets to be too much. As far as split ends and frizziness goes…I’ve decided to just put it in God’s hands as I’m doing this to please Him. As my hair gets longer I know there will be times when I want to give up or get frustrated, but I know why I’m doing it so I have to believe that the benefits of my outward testimony of my faith will be greater than my personal frustrations. I can tell you for sure that the freedom of committing myself to Him entirely outweighs the annoyance of trying to have one foot in the world and one in the church. So I suppose I can’t really give a solution because I’m dealing with the very same thing. I pray that your faith will be greater than your fear. God bless 🙂

      • Maybe this will help? It’s something I’ve begun doing that has helped me tremendously. When I wash my hair, first I put conditioner on all of the ends, anything more than a few inches from my scalp. THEN I use shampoo on my scalp and the first few inches of my hair. I read this somewhere and it really does help a lot. Once finished, I don’t rub it or anything but just wrap it lightly in a towel for a few minutes. Then, I spray a mixture of water and conditioner (mixed in a spray bottle) on the bottom half, comb it with a very wide-toothed comb from the bottom up (go slow, it takes awhile); and let it dry. I don’t brush it or comb it after it’s dry except to get out a knot or part it. I wash my hair once or twice a week. I usually wear the top of my hair pulled back to stay out of my eyes.

  16. Hi I really appreciate you sharing your convictions, while I disagree with your interpretations of what the bible says about cutting and veiling that’s not what this post is about. I am a hairdresser and I just can’t allow the lie that cutting your hair doesn’t help it stay healthy. The longer hair gets the farther away from the scalp and natural oils it is. This results in the ends getting brittle and breaking and or splitting. Even cutting hair 1/4 every 4 months will improve the health of anyone’s hair as well as not impede its overall growth. Thanks and God Bless.

    • God made our hair, he has each one numbered! And He says not to cut it, so apparently split ends don’t both him 🙂 He is the only one we want to please.

  17. I got alot of good teaching on this subject.I haven’t cut my hair since I was 24 r 25, am now 62yrs old. My question is this, my husband wants me to wear my hair down all the time, he says if I wear it up its like cutting it! I tell him he needs to get in the word & study it. It’s my hair, my glory why after all these years (we been married 44yrs ) you have to say it’s wrong for me to wear it up!! I tell him this, when I’m cooking, cleaning, bathroom I’ll wear it up!! That’s wisdom on my part! I say I know how to wear my has its mine not yours, God shows me how too. He says I’m wrong!!

      • Doing house work with such long hair I’m sure can be quite an annoyance when it is left down. It is your hair, wear it how you like. I mean, you can always wear it down when you and your husband are just spending time together, but when you are cleaning? I can see how impractical that is. My husband likes it when I wear my hair a certain way, so I’ll wear it down when we go out, or are doing things together. But when I have stuff to do, I need to be practical.

    • I honestly never wear my hair down in public not even to take the trash out. I saved my glory for my husband only to see when we are home alone going to bed I’m cleaning the house. Just my personal decision. I tried it years ago and I was like why do I want other men seeing my glory I’m saving this for something special. Soon I’m getting married!!

  18. “Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair=uncut hair, it is a dishonor to him? But if a woman has long hair=uncut hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering.” ‭I Corinthians 11:14-15. ‬

    Long hair=uncut hair
    Head covered=minimum hair length a hair can be considered long.

    Based from this verse, a man therefore has to cut his hair so that it will not be dishonor to him. But to what extent does a man need to cut his hair so that it will not dishonor him; up to shoulder length? cut it short or cut it all? Based also from this verse, we found out that hair was given to a woman for covering but since both man and woman have hair, it can be said that hair in general is for covering once head. So hair equates to covering. Having said this, to answer the question to what extent does a man need to cut his hair so that it will not dishonor him? We can look into this verse:

    “For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man.” I Corinthians ‭11:7‬ ‭NKJV‬

    Since hair is covering, a man ought therefore not to have hair so as not to cover his head. This is the extent of how a man should cut his hair so that it’s not dishonor to him. All of this because, long hair equates to uncut hair. We have to notice 1 Corinthians 11:14-15 did not used short hair for a man and long hair for a woman instead it uses the “has long hair” for both man and woman. If long hair therefore means uncut, it would raise a question on to what extent does a man need to cut his hair so that it’s not dishonor to himself. And, the answer is cut all the hair because hair is covering only for a woman and for a man, it is suppose to be remove because man ought not to cover his head. Uncut hair for a woman is being impose as a requirement for holiness because of the above verse, God is absolute, fundamentally this requirement is a must for a woman, it should be the same on a man. If we are to impose to a woman an absolute rules that she should not cut her hair because of the verse above, it should also be impose to a man and for a man, he ought to remove his hair so as not to cover his head.

    Due to this interpretation another conflict will occur on this verse:

    “For if a woman is not covered, let her also be shorn. But if it is shameful for a woman to be shorn or shaved, let her be covered.” ‭I Corinthians 11:6 NKJV‬

    Earlier, in 1 corinthians 11:15. Hair was for covering of a woman. So the verse, can be written in this way;

    For if a woman is not covered=have no hair, let her also be shorn. But if it is shameful for a woman to be shorn or shaved, let her be covered or have hair.” ‭I Corinthians 11:6 ‬

    For if a woman have no hair, let her also be shorn? How can you shorn or shave a woman when she already have no hair?

    Remember same as not cut, to which impose to a woman that her hair should be uncut. Not covered also is with a “not”. So a man therefore should be with no hair. Because it says not covered, it says not! not maybe or short. Not is not, I need not to say anymore. It is so self explanatory. But, UPC obviously is not imposing this rules to a man. Which raise the question, why? Are the leaders being selective on to who shall the word of God apply to? Or, did the church anyhow interpret the word of God so as to have a sense of separation or peculiarity from another denomination but in the process, the word of God is being distorted.

    I will stretch out that, we are not suppose to add or subtract to God word which by the way also being taught by the church yet, by imposing unnecessary requirement like this, the church is adding or subtracting to God’s word.

    Compelete enquiry is in the link: I really hope the matter can be clarified. I believe in one God and His name is Jesus Christ but, we cannot anyhow apply His words that could probably cause to damage his character as absolute. Moreover, I again will stretch out that we are not suppose to add or selectively impose His word.

  19. You should be more worried about your heart and the cleanliness of that. I’m pretty sure God cares nothing of your hair. What about women who are afflicted by cancer? Does this mean God has left them? I think not. You cannot get yourself to heaven by works or deeds it is only by faith in Jesus Christ, and repentance of sin. And of course accepting that Jesus Christ, the son of God, was crucified and on the third day rose again.

    • If God didn’t care about our hair, he would not have devoted almost and ENTIRE CHAPTER in the Bible to the teachings on it.

      • Thank you for this blog, it has been very informative and has forced me to research this on my own. I have been interested in this topic because I have several friends that are Pentecostal. I believe that I must take what I’ve read in its entirety. Paul was writing to the Corinthians, in Greece, at a time when women were adorning themselves by adorning their hair with braids and jewels. I must distinguish what I am reading with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, not man’s, or woman’s. We are all COVERED by the grace of Jesus Christ, regardless of having cut or uncut hair. We, are not saved by our works (i.e. not cutting our hair), but by His grace. However, if you are convicted by the Holy Spirit to not cut your hair, then you should be sure not to cut your hair or you will be grieving the Holy Spirit.

        On another note, I am in question of the teachings by women on this blog, in that women should not be in a spiritual position over men.

        Cannot pick and choose which laws to follow or not follow.

  20. I totally agree with not cutting our hair to submit to God, modest dress, but not the Oneness idea (I believe in the Holy Trinity), but in this comment I’m going to talk about coverings, and I also believe that we should wear actual head coverings in addition to long hair. A few reasons why:

    1 Corinthians 2-15 talks a lot about covering the head (you’re pretty familiar with this), how it can dishonor a woman if she is not covered and how it is also a sign for the angels, but not only is it that, it is a glory to God.

    My thoughts on this is that although long hair is a covering, there is more to it in order to glorify God. 1 Corinthians 11:15 (KJV) says, “But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her.”
    But we are put on this earth to glorify God! And He deserves ALL glory! So if our long hair is not covered itself, we are having some of the glory to ourselves, and the one who rightly deserves all glory does not receive it all if our long hair is uncovered.

    There is more to this taught in our church and family but these are just a few of my thoughts.

  21. This was a great article! I’ve been battling explaining this to a friend outside of the church, who defended that split ends was bad for you. So I sent this link to him. This really helped me understand it better too!

  22. I just was searching and happened. Upon this i am recently. Married and am “transitioning” to apostolic faith. They never really explain the reasonong behind this i do have cut hair short sides since younger . They alway telle they want to see my long hair or kind of forcefully tell me to do this its fustrating especially. When you come from a different faith that doesn’t do all of the same things and your basically clueless as to what it all means this was very helpfully to me.

  23. God is not talking about “Hair” at all. People need to plow deeper if they are going to try to teach. God is talking about keeping your head covered with his Son Jesus the Christ. This is why the world is so confused. Jesus hated “Religionist”. Why do we both male and female keep our heads covered with Jesus? Because of the Angels. You know the ones that came into the women and had offspring which caused the flood of Noah? Because their offspring were not just “Human”. Did not David slay one at the age of 15? The fallen angels are coming back right along with old Lucifer himself, not just his spirit. Did he not walk upon this earth before? In the garden? God ask him where he had been and he answered “Walking to and fro upon the earth. In fact when Jesus walked the earth men wore skirts and robes. And when God speaks of the price of a “Dog” he is speaking of a male prostitute. Because in the fashion the have sex. “Sex” is key to the whole subject. And by the way “Eve” did not eat an apple in the garden. I have spent a lifetime in study, not only the King James but the Septuagint, Apocrypha, Torah, and in just about every language the Word has been written or should I say re-written. The scrolls were mostly lost that were scribed by the prophets. And each revision confuses more of God’s Children. Who is the “Author of Confusion?” Lucifer, that old dragon. So believe what you wish but their will be a price to pay because we have the tools now to look and study for ourselves. Study to show yourselves approved, beware of the scribes. Amen

    • I have yet to meet a “holiness” woman who had a PERSONAL revelation from God, where she felt sincere conviction in regards to trimming her hair. EVERY single woman I know that does this, has done it either because she was raised to believe this is it, or because of a book someone wrote, or because of pressure. I have had some say it is power, to have uncut hair, and that it wards off evil, BUT when I bring up examples of women who are suffering depresdion or their family is always sick and struggling, then I hear that is because of other reasons like lack of faith or prayer, IF hair held power and brought salvation, why do we need the blood? Prayer? Faith?, IF hair is an integral part of a woman’s salvation, ehy is there no more specific scripture on women not cutting their hair? One scripture doctrine is not of God, in the mouth of two or three witnessess shall His word be established. I know of a woman, who backed up her belief using Samson, a man, who was a nazarite, NOTHING TO DO WITH WOMEN. IT SEEMS AS IF WOMEN HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO EXPLAIN THEIR BELIEF, TO THEMSELVES, IF IT WAS OF GOD, IT WOULD COME AS EASY AS GETTING BAPTIZED IN THE HOLY GHOST.

      • If you don’t to hear the truth no one can change that… Just keep in mind which place your going to

      • Wow Noel! You are saying she is going to hell because she has never read “women, thou shalt not ever cut your hair” in God’s word? So over a hair trimming, she is condemned for all eternity? Does that mean to say that even if a woman accepts Jesus Christ in to her life as Lord and Savior and follows his WORD all the days of her life but has 1 haircut, she just lost salvation?? So when did getting a haircut become more serious the Jesus dying on the cross? So was I temporarily blinded by Satan while reading the Bible where Jesus says that the greatest commandment is loving God first and the second is loving your neighbor? Did he actually say women, if you truly love God you will never trim or cut your hair??

        Why were you judging this woman yo the extent you say she would go to hell?

  24. Thank you so much for your post and for the reference for the book. I am apostolic Pentecostal and recently have been think about this great doctrine of womens hair I have a daughter who is turning 12 soon and want her to get biblical understanding. I have resources but I have added a few more thanks to you. It seem this doctrine is not taught quite so much. I want my daughter to be able explain her belief not just do it because it’s preached. I think it is so important to have convictions. There was an earlier post about what to about lice. I had a friend that had this same problem.Hair does not have to be cut if you put Vaseline in your hair for about a week and Lysol and wash eveything. You will get rid of the problem. Now the problem is gone and after your hair washes out it is much heatlier from the deep conditioning treatment.

  25. What if the woman has cancer and looses her hair is that considered sin? Will the loving God send this woman to hell because she lost her hair?

    • The woman had no control over that, it’s not her fault that her hair fell out as long as she did not cut or shave her head, she lives for god, and has repented, baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of her sins and received the gift of the holy ghost she has nothing to worry about.
      Acts 2:38

  26. I have wanted bangs for sometime now but wasn’t sure what was right or wrong. I was raised Apostolic but we had bangs growing up. I let them grow out to see what I would look like without them but was never really told it was wrong. What’s your view on that?

    • Keep your head covered with Jesus, the Blood of the Lamb. Hair has nothing to do with what God is speaking of in any King James or other. Beware of the traditions of men that make Void the Word of God Amen, God bless and God Speed

  27. My question is this, these verses only talk about men and women who are together (married). So is it ok for little girls to cut their hair, but change that once they are married?

  28. This is good information and I do agree. My problem is that my hair is straighter than most and lays entirely flat and close to my scalp. Since I am older, I look like a hippie or witch if I let ir hang down and have no clue how to fix it to where it does not look like a skinned rat pulled straight back. It is embarrassing and humiliating to be out in public looking like this. What do I do? Of course, there are those who suggest cutting short and mousing it up to be full of body and cutting bangs, but that is not a option for me. Any suggestions would be great.

  29. I have been saved for 32 years. I am a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. We attended UPCI for all of these years. Recently, I started wondering about the accuracy of some of the teachings. I’ve looked into many of them and have found that we have been mislead. I know that people are sincere, but there is much twisting being done. I could give many examples, but we are speaking of hair here. If you look into the original language, long hair means…long hair, tresses of hair. No where does it say uncut hair. We have been told it does, but that is not true. Shorn is a word that refers to cutting hair short, and shaven means to take the hair off to the scalp, like with a razor blade type instrument. Those two things would be shameful for a women. Long hair, trimmed, cut, whatever, is not. I feel very betrayed by the things I’ve discovered in the past couple years concerning what we’ve been taught. The basic doctrines are correct, oneness, baptism in Jesus’ name, infilling of the Holy Ghost and such. But do an in depth study on hair. Study history as well as biblically. Study UPCI doctrine and other’s take on it. Also, study tithing. Seriously. Tithing is very easily proven to be for the O.T. and up until Jesus went to the cross. After that, tithing is talked about as a thing of the past. What Scriptures are used to teach tithing? O.T.! And lots of, “You can’t out give God.” “Do you want net blessings or gross blessings?” Also, did you realize that Pastor is only used ONCE in the N.T.? Think about all the power, emphasis and even fear concerning pastors. Think about all the attention they get. All the gifts. All the nice words of praise. I think it’s very out of balance from what God’s Word says about them. Are they humble servents? Where do they get the authority to tell people they can move or can’t move to another town? Can change churches…or not? Can help a struggling saint or not? Think about the pastors sitting up on the platform, center of attention, all eyes on them, all ears on them, no opportunity to ask questions or discuss issues with them. All the talking is TO us, not between us. And that leads me to the churches… WE are the church, not buildings. But how much attention is put on the buildings? How many millions of dollars are spent on them in the U.S. alone? Some churches even have gymnasiums in them! The pastors get up there and shame us, beg us, plead with us to sacrifice for the sake of the kingdom, while they build huge churches with cherrywood furniture, drive fancy cars, have beautiful homes..and the saints and their children live paycheck to paycheck because they give to “the church”. Oh my. I didn’t mean to go on and on, but I’m just seeing these things for the first time after faithfully attending church 3 times a week, serving on the board, being an elder, a teacher, a worker in the church. The “church” has become rich and increased with goods. Step back and take an honest look.

    • I’m so sorry you feel that way you do, regarding Pastors & churches… Reading your post, I feel much hurt & resentment. Like if you were told you “couldn’t do, or go, or move here or there”… just from what you’ve implemented. Im sorry you’ve gotten so far from what you’ve been taught, what you’ve known from His Word…. have you forgotten that when you live for Christ, when you live completely for Him, to KNOW HIM, is to know & read His Word, in its entirety…. OT & NT! We do not merely grab & go! Grab from this book or this chapter & go live for God! We don’t live for God only from the NT… without the OT, we wouldn’t have the NT! Would we not use the teachings from IS.9, about the birth of Christ, being an OT prophesy, because it’s OT & not NT? What about in Deut. about the way a woman & a man are to dress??? Because that’s OT, we don’t have to follow it?? Tithing IS JUST AS IMPORTANT!! Don’t forget that God gives us what we have!! He’s blessed us!! What about Ananias & Saphira?? When they lied to the Holy Ghost about their tithing??? What happened to them?? That was NT! Render unto Caesar what is Caesar, and God, what is Gods!

      Now, I don’t know about all the churches where you’re from…. or your pastors & such. But I’ve been Pentecostal for 21 years & I know that our pastor literally HATES talking/teaching about tithing…. he’s not about money… never has been!! They don’t drive big fancy cars…. they’ve built their house from the ground up…. in fact…. our church… building, is OLD!!! We’ve been on the market to look at building a new building for our church!!! But it’s exspensive!! Hundreds of millions of dollars!!!! We at our church raise our own money for our church…. in every area!! Our pastor doesn’t live a lavish lifestyle…

      He is our shepherd!! The Bible says to give Honor to whom Honor is due!! Doesn’t the Shepherd of Gods church… whom God Himself blessed to watch over, pray for, teach, preach to, instruct, love…. deserve honor??

      The platform… the altar of God… that’s where man of God sits/stands… it’s called RESPECT

      He’s the head of the church… the one God has set over the congregation… I think it’s time people start remembering that!

      I’m sorry you’re feeling the way you’re feeling about the hair issues too…. but it all boils down to having a hurt, offended Spirit. As if you’ve been offended by your pastor…. and you’re lashing out with the “outward standards” & the tithing…. because that’s what pays our pastors…..& if in some cases, the church buildings are extravagant, or you feel that the pastors of some churches are living “too lavishly”, it too sounds like a hurt spirit…. a judgemental spirit…. cuz after being in the church for as long as you said you have…. it’s something spiritual…. I pray in Jesus name that God gives you a special touch… an anointing, a blessing like none other!!

      In Jesus name!!
      Your sister in Christ

      • Many UPCI churches are what Mabel stated, elaborate and over done. I agree with what she says and won’t elaborate… that is not to say there are not those like your church and your pastor. We should be able to question what we are taught and not blindly follow. I do want to add some churches are putting on productions with light shows, music presented in a worldly fashion, Disney songs in some of these churches…. we need to watch, pay attention and not blindly follow.

  30. Am Grace and I’m so grateful for the work God’s doing through you.
    I’d like to disagree with the issue of hair trimming : as an African with harsh weather conditions, we get split ends that cause alot of hair loss. Trimming the split ends is the only cure.
    Hair covering : I’d like to say If there was no need for a woman to cover her hair during prayer, the scriptures won’t compare her to a shone woman ( if in fact she has no hair on her head).

  31. Thank you for you explanation on the importance of not cutting hair. I am not pentecostal so I didn’t understand. I think the pentecostal women are very beautiful. One question: do yall not suffer intense headachesfrom
    the sheer weight of your hair?

    • I know this question was not asked to me personally, but this has been my religion all my life. I personally don’t get headaches from my hair, but it could be because of how use to my hair I am. But then again my hair is only 3 feet long, I wish it was longer.

  32. Okay this is great but how would you minister to the African American community. What hair products can we use to naturally care for our hair?

  33. Hello. Thanks for sharing your reason for not cutting your hair. Speaking about ethnicity. Women have different hair types. I dont know your hair type but I am african american and many women permed their hair (chemical product to straighten the hair) because it is very challenging to manage. But recently black women have been deciding to go back to their natural state of wearing their hair naturally. In order to remove the chemical from the hair, you can either stop putting the chemical and wait maybe a year or 2 for the hair to get back to its natural state fully or you can cut the chemical part of the hair off which is easier. One of my friends didnt want to cut her hair, and wanted to let the hair go back to its natural state on its on. But because she did not detangle it regularly, the permed part (straight) got tangled up with the natural (coarse; curly) parts and created about 20-25 big nots in her entire hair, she used all the products she could find trying to untangle the hair but nothing worked. It was a disaster. What would have been your advice to an apostolic woman in this situation?

  34. I really enjoyed this write up on women’s hair!! I thought it really showed that it is so much more than just a legalistic viewpoint!! I believe that if you believe something then you should live it. Who are other so called Christians for judging a woman for something she is doing unto the Lord!! Also, if you believe something is sin then to you it is sin so live your convictions. Personally I would rather err on the side of going overboard than to get to the end and find out I didn’t do enough!! Great post!!👍😍

  35. I loved this little piece! I want to look into that book too! I’m personally an UPCI apostolic Pentecostal young woman and also don’t believe in cutting my hair AT ALL not even to trim. I got so stressed when my hair wouldn’t grow last year (never cut it in my life) after everything I tried I was like okay God please help me. I want my glory to be longer and look healthier! And it grew thank you Jesus! Not crazy long but I got results. So I’d say pray along side all the hair remedies people use! I also have curly red hair so it was insanely frizzy lol! This was great keep making these posts! ❤

  36. God dont care about cutting hair. Look at that lady on tv she so blessed and woman can wear pants. We are. Under a new. Covedant cursed are those who. Follow. The. Law. Real rap

  37. I am Apostolic Pentecostal and I love that you made this. People at my school and random people in public are always asking why I dress a certain way or why my hair is so long. I completely agree with you and think that you are nailing it at life!! Good job! 🙂

  38. The apostle was not layin any laws of God down he was stressing to maintain a difference between male and female.

  39. Thank You. My hair is past mt knees and very hard to work with since its turning silver. Please pray for me because it is so many colors I cant even say what it is. I have never colored it, but at age 44 its not to fun to have to always wear updo. Maybe you can cover some articles for the older pentacostals. Concerning the hair. Thank you for your article.It did help me. Lord Bless and stay pure. This is most important.what is truly in our hearts, and focus on the fruits of the spirit also. True beauty thru and thru…is Jesus.Amen

  40. Hi, I have started researching this issue as my mother inlaw just felt condemned by her pastor after cutting her hair shorter. She is a disabled lady in her seventies and her long hair often fell over her face when she walked making it difficult to see and move about. I have not been particularly fond of this church or it’s leadership, but I do take any word of God seriously. So I have been researching and I find a few valid-ish points in your article and wonder about why you included others. For example, you talk about the “covering” mentioned by Paul in Corinthians, and I see how some people could say a woman shouldn’t have shaved hair, but nothing explicitly about a woman never being allowed to cut it.

    Then you go to the Old Testament with Isaiah 3:24. This is a scripture about punishing women with baldness. Not with shoulder-length or shaved hair, but with actual baldness—lack of growth of hair. And this happened because all roles have been switched and women walked around seductively and used it to control men. Therefore reversing the role of men being the head to women. So God punishes the women with baldness.

    Then the other 2 scriptures you mentioned, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, there is actually no mention of woman. At all. There god is addressing the children of Israel in rebellion.. not just women, but men also.

    I’m not sure if you have read the chapter in Deuteronomy 21 where the men of Israel were to shave off completely the hair of beautiful captives and allow them to mourn for 1 month. Then after 1 month, if they still found them attractive, they could take them as a wife. Why would God tell them to shave their heads if it was unholy and unpleasing to him? Clearly it’s unpleasing to men, which is why God commanded them to do so. God didn’t want the men just acting on lust, taking women as wives disrespectfully and on a whim.

    So on one hand, you can say that God uses the lack of hair to punish and on the other also uses the lack of hair to protect women.

    There is also a verse in Leviticus, I believe, about how men should not cut or trim their beard. That one is actually written plainly, but I also believe that it was for that certain point in time for what God was leading the Israelites to.

    Do you have any other insight on this in which I missed? I’m all for following the law, but get concerned when condemnation and judgement is incurred where there is no solid law. And by solid I mean “women shalt not cut thy hair”

  41. Loved it! That was great! Perfect way of putting everything. I have a question I don’t braid my hair but everyone in church does. I’ve thought about but I literally try to follow the Bible to the t. So I’m confused on this one. Yeah I’m basically in a ponytail or bun all the time. What if I started doing some braiding styles. Is this bad?

  42. here we are talking about submission and we see how God is the head of Christ. and how Christ is the head of Man and Man is the head of Women. therefore man does not cover his head (Christ) because He (Christ) is the Image of God. to cover or put a veil over Christ is to put Christ under subjection. for a man to have long hair is to humble himself as a Nazarite would not cut his hair as a sign of humility.
    Women is to be to be under subjection of Man or her husband. v.3b. a women should not believe or act as if she is above Man or her husband. therefore God has given her long hair as a veil (a symbol of subjection). Her Husband is above her and she under him. It is for this reason that a woman ought to have authority over her own head (her husbands authority) over over her head, because of the angels(it was Eve that was deceived as she did not let herself be governed by her husband. perhaps if she were subjected to her husband they wouldn’t have been easily deceived. also see Gal. 1:8. God has (with his wisdom) placed man over women and long hair serves as a veil to remind us as women of our place. it doesn’t condemn cutting it or trimming it. it serves for her husbands glory that she is below him and he in authority over her of course that doesn’t mean that he can take advantage of this authority that is another topic in itself.
    another thing:
    Romans 8:1
    Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,
    God Bless you all

    • I agree, I don’t not see anywhere that you cannot cut or trim your hair and I have been reading this verse since the 70s. Back then I asked my pastor to explain the confusing language and never got a straight answer. Let me ask this, are we adding to the word of God when we insist it is saying you can not trim or cut your hair… Isn’t the scripture referring to long hair but not how long? If it covers your head and neck is it not a covering verses short hair on men, not covering their whole head?

  43. I want to add, I am NOT trying to interfere with anyone’s convictions, if you are convicted of this then by all means do not trim your hair. I do not mean to cause confusion either but I personally do not nor ever seen the way it is being taught.

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